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GPTGC is model-agnostic, using a combination of open & closed source large language models.

Paired with proprietary blends of data science and natural language processing methods, GPTGC's accuracy, truthfulness, and efficiency makes it perfect for both lawyers and clients.

Artificial Intelligence

Agent Counsel are licensed lawyers who contributed their proprietary documents and knowledge to train GPTGC’s AI.

Join the future of legal services.

Agent Counsel

Our AI powered Agent Counsel are standing by to respond to any legal question, for free.

Legal accessibility is our goal. There is no learning curve to use GPTGC – it's that simple.

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Answer Your Legal Questions

Understand your legal options with GPTGC. Our AI provides straightforward answers to complex questions, leveraging insights from Agent Counsel.

Christopher Marlow

I’m a writer and noticed that someone is using something I wrote without giving me credit! Can you help?


Since you wrote it, you have the copyright whether or not you officially registered it. You probably need a cease & desist letter to start. We have an agent counsel that can draft one. Should I refer you?

Generate Documents

Draft legal documents with speed and confidence.

GPTGC guides you through the process, asking the right questions – like an initial lawyer consult.

Powered by Agent Counsel's expertise, your document will be tailored perfectly to your needs.

Joe B. Selle

If the negotiations for the sale break down and no term sheet is signed, I want all the documents returned within 14 days of the decision to stop negotiating.


Everything's set! I can generate your NDA now.

Find lawyers pinpoints your legal need and guides you to the best help. Get matched with an Agent Counsel or a recommended lawyer – we'll even draft your first message!

Agent Counsels do not pay for placement, so you’re getting access to the best lawyers, not lawyers who paid for leads.

Tucker C.

I got fired but my employer is refusing to let me out of my non-compete. The employment agreement is governed by New York law. What are my options?


We don’t have an Agent Counsel for that but here are some employment lawyers in New York that specialize in non-compete clauses.

Dynamic Legal AI

We’re constantly adding Agent Counsel and functionality to handle new legal needs, globally.

Stay in touch to be the first to learn about new Agent Counsel and features!


Hey John! You were referred to a divorce lawyer last week, but my knowledgebase was recently updated with divorce filings. Would you still like help with that?

Legal AI, for everyone.

Lawyers does not replace lawyers, it empowers and compliments them.

Unlike traditional legal search, we don’t charge lawyers for placement.

In exchange for training data, Agent Counsel receive free:

Customized LLM bots
Professional recongition
Qualified referrals


GPTGC is here to provide you with cost-effective legal services.

Join our waitlist to get access.

Leveraging the power of AI & the skill of Agent Counsel:

Answer legal questions
Generate documents
Find IRL lawyers

Our Team

with love, from new york city

Jesse Strauss


Jesse has been practicing law in NYC for 20 years and has seen it all. Federal court law clerk, AmLaw 100 alumnus, GC of two startups (one exit), founding member of TechGC, founder of Your Fractional General Counsel.

Taha Mohamad


Taha is a product & engineering leader with background in fintech and VCs. First exit at 19 as early dev at Compound Real Estate (acq: 2020). Founded Astoria Park Labs, hosting regular engineering-focused meetups in NYC. Proud father of a 12 pound puppy named Goliath.


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